Omung Kumar Denies is deleting the scenes of Richa Chadha From Sarbjit


Movie producer Omung Kumar said that none of the scenes including Richa Chadha were sliced from Sarbjit instead of what the on-screen character had guaranteed.

“It is totally untrue about us cutting her part. It is a bound script. The scenes were precisely the same before beginning the film and I had described Richa the same. In this way, no scene of hers was cut off from the film,” Mr Kumar said in an announcement.

In a late meeting, Richa was cited as saying: “Some of my best scenes needed to go. The one scene that despite everything I have towards the end where I am demonstrated holding with Aishwarya’s character has no setting since every one of my scenes demonstrating my connection with her are no more.”

Sarbjit depends on Sarabjit Singh, an Indian villager who was sentenced for spying and terrorism and grieved in a Pakistani correctional facility for quite a while his sister Dalbir Kaur, attempted energetically to secure his discharge. He was assaulted by detainees at a jail in Lahore in April 2013 and passed on a couple days after the fact.

On-screen character Randeep Hooda assumes the main part in the film while performing artist Aishwarya Rai Bachchan played his sister Dalbir Kaur and Richa plays Sarabjit Singh’s better half Sukhpreet.