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Jon Voight Biography

Jon Voight was born December 29, 1938 in Yonkers, New York. His 1969 part in Midnight Cowboy dispatched his profession. For the following two decades, his movie vocation was a blend of fantastic highs and forgettable misses. He won an Academy Award in 1979 for the Vietnam War show Coming Home. Voight was likewise named for Academy Award for his work in 1985’s Runaway Train. In the wake of showing up in the 1995 dramatization Heat, he at the end of the day started to star in enormous spending plan offerings. As of late, he has appreciated a resurgence as a looked for after character performing artist. Voight won a Golden Globe in 2014 for his work on the TV show Ray Donovan.


Performing artist. Conceived Jonathan Vincent Voight on December 29, 1938 in Yonkers, New York. The child of a Czechoslovakian-American golf star, Jon Voight found his affection for going about as a young person. Taking after a stretch on Broadway, he showed up in his first film, Fearless Frank, in 1965. Nonetheless, it was his 1969 part as nation kid turned-hawker Joe Buck in the notable film Midnight Cowboy that earned him an Oscar designation and propelled his vocation into easy street.

For the following two decades, Voight’s movie vocation was a blend of fantastic highs and forgettable misses. His numerous critical ventures from this period incorporate 1972’s Deliverance and 1978’s Coming Home for which he won a Best Actor Oscar for his depiction of a quadriplegic Vietnam War veteran inverse Jane Fonda. In 1985, he finished a five-year draught with an Academy Award gesture for his execution in Japanese chief Akira Kurosawa’s thriller Runaway Train. A “profound stiring” then drove Voight to take a shot at various mentally related and destined film ventures.

In the wake of playing Robert De Niro’s underworld contact in Michael Mann’s 1995 show Heat, Voight at the end of the day started to star in huge spending plan offerings, including 1996’s Mission: Impossible, 1997’s The Rainmaker and 1998’s Enemy of the State. In 2001, he conveyed generally welcomed exhibitions as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Pearl Harbor and as the patriarch in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, a film that featured his alienated little girl, performing artist Angelina Jolie. That year he additionally splendidly directed sportscaster Howard Cosell in the biopic Ali, catching his fourth Oscar selection.

As of late, Voight has appreciated a resurgence as one of Hollywood’s most looked for after character performing artists. He got an Emmy assignment in 2002 for his execution in the acclaimed NBC miniseries Uprising. He likewise discovered extraordinary accomplishment with the 2004 sleeper hit Holes and Jonathan Demme’s 2004 redo of The Manchurian Candidate. Voight Later co-featured with Edward Norton and Colin Farrell in Pride and Glory (2008), an account of familial debasement among New York City cops.

As of late, Voight has appreciated awesome accomplishment on the little screen. He showed up on season seven of the hit activity dramatization 24 and after that handled one of his most huge parts in years. In Ray Donovan, which appeared in 2013, Voight plays Mickey Donovan, a Boston ex-con. Liev Schrieber plays his child, the title character, who lives up to expectations with VIPs to make their issues go away by any methods fundamental. Beam and Mickey Donovan have a standout amongst the most broken father-child connections in TV history. In 2014, Voight won a Golden Globe for his nuanced depiction of this harsh around-the-edges maturing hooligan. He additionally got an Emmy Award selection.

Jon Voight was hitched to Lauri Peters from 1962 to 1967 and to Marcheline Bertrand from 1971 to 1978. He has two youngsters, performing artist James Haven and performer Angelina Jolie, with Bertrand.

Jon Voight Profile

Name: Jon Voight

Born: 29 December 1933 (Age: 81)

Where: New York, New York, USA

Awards: Won 1 Oscar, 3 Golden Globes nominated for 1 BAFTA, 1 Emmy

Jon Voight Body size/Measurements

Jon Voight weight: 195 lbs (88.5 kg)
Jon Voight height: 6′ 3″ (190 cm)
Jon Voight eye color: Blue
Jon Voight hair color: Grey
Jon Voight shoe size / feet size: 12

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