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Ellen Page’s Oscar selection in January, 2008, was bizarre in that, even at the young age of 20, she was not seen as a dull stallion. Effectively ten years into her profession, she was a serial recompense champ in her local Canada, had staggered gatherings of people with profoundly persuading exhibitions in Hard Candy and Mouth To Mouth and had entered the Hollywood standard as a mutant legend in the third portion of the X-Men establishment. Where different adolescents up for an Academy Award had touched base out of nowhere because of a solitary emerge execution taking into account a solitary unrivaled script, for Page to be so respected was unsurprising. She was required to achieve incredible statures and had appropriately done as such.

She was conceived Ellen Philpotts-Page in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the 21st of February, 1987. Her mom, Martha Philpotts, was a grade teacher – she’d later show First and Second Grade at the Ecole Grosvenor-Wentworth Park School in Halifax. Ellen’s dad was Dennis Page, a visual architect hailing from Lockeport, a little angling town with a populace of by most accounts 700, on an island in Ragged Islands Bay close to the south end of Nova Scotia. Dennis had been hitched in the recent past, giving Ellen a stepbrother and stepsister. He and Martha would part when Ellen was youthful, however both would be intensely included in her childhood. Later he’d wed once more, to Debbie.

Having prepared at Mount Royal College, the Alberta College of Art and Design and at NSCAD University, Dennis had been working in craftsmanship heading and promoting following 1979, managing in sustenance, fund, building items, transportation and vitality. The year after Ellen’s introduction to the world, he’d set up the outline office Page & Wood Inc with his companion Eric Wood. He’d spend extended periods fabricating the business, in the long run winning the prestigious employment of outlining arrangements of stamps for the Canadian post office, an undertaking he’d perform frequently from 1999. His business would be rebranded as an “imaginative boutique” and renamed Trampoline in 2004, with Dennis serving as Director of Design.

With both folks working, youthful Ellen would invest much energy captivating herself, imagining amazing situations for her Peter Pan and Batman activity figures and turning into a ravenous peruser and film-watcher, making utilization of Halifax’s prestigious Video Difference store. She’d likewise turn out lively, tough Nova Scotia fitting an open air life, and appreciated ball, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, hockey, swimming, olympic style sports and, particularly, football. She’d be enlisted at Halifax Grammar School, an expense paying organization in accordance with the International Baccalaureate Program, going to its private school on Atlantic Street and its Middle School on Tower Road. Part into four houses – Acadia, Glooscap, Privateers and Royals – the school would issue its students a fine establishing in scholastics, game, music and craftsmanship.

Also, obviously, there’d be show. Page would join the show club early and, at age 10, would star as Charlie Bucket in a school generation of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Amazingly, at the same age she’d score her first expert part. At private school she’d be taught show by Gay Hauser, an eminent Canadian on-screen character who was right now General Manager of Halifax’s Eastern Front Theater. One companion of Hauser’s was John Dunsworth, a veteran performing artist and previous torch who in 1970 had established Halifax’s Pier One Theater, the range’s first effective option theater organization, and had seemed numerous, multiple occassions on radio and at the nearby Neptune Theater. A couple of years back, Dunsworth had framed his own throwing organization and had completed neighborhood throwing for Hollywood movies shot in the zone, including Sandra Bullock’s Two If By Sea, the fabulous Stephen King adjustment Dolores Claiborne and James Cameron’s recording-breaking Titanic (in 1912 three boats had been sent from Halifax to recoup the collections of those suffocated in the catastrophe – numerous are covered in the town under lines of dark stone gravestones). Presently Dunsworth was searching for adolescents to show up in the Canadian TV creation Pit Pony, to be taking into account the extraordinary novel by Joyce Barkhouse. He came to visit Hauser’s class, looked round the circle of cheerful children and, inside seconds, pointed at Page. His decision did not shock Hauser, Page effectively being portrayed by her instructors as a “warm, unconstrained and develop young lady”.

Shot at Cape Breton in the north of Nova Scotia, Pit Pony, likewise highlighting Dunsworth and Gay Hauser, would be set in the mid 20th Century and include a young man who, notwithstanding not wishing to take after his male relatives down the neighborhood mine, must do as such when his sibling is harmed. Become friends with a pit horse – who likewise had no genuine business being profound underground – the chap’s story would be one of courage, penance and family values. Screened on December 14th, 1997, the film would be an enormous achievement, winning three Gemini honors (Canadian Emmys) and, after two years, being transformed into a TV arrangement. Page, who’d showed up nearby Jennie Raymond as one of the legend’s sisters, would take a more noticeable part in the arrangement, being named for a Gemini herself. As of now she was inspiring an emotional response with gatherings of people.

You’d have thought, with its topographical area, that Halifax would be no spot to manufacture a movie profession, that it would be loaded with youthful visionaries hurting for the day they could take off for Montreal, Toronto or New York. Really, its something of an aesthetic hot-bed. The main permament European settlement in Canada, it was established by the Brits in 1749, under General Cornwallis and, with its tremendous harbor, was the focal point of the Anglo-French wars over the regions. The spot was overwhelmed with Brit supporters after the American Revolution and was utilized as a base to assault the youthful States in 1812. Much building was done by the Brits amid the 1800s, and Halifax’s history as a maritime base made it outward-looking and socially advanced. It shaped Canada’s first law based government, and its first college. With a populace of 300,000 its Canada’s second biggest waterfront city and brags seven colleges, and numerous displays and exhibition halls, and a film celebration, a Shakespeare celebration, a Greek celebration, a jazz celebration, tall boat occasions and even a busker celebration. As far as film, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have a base there, so do CTV and Global Television. There’s even the Halifax Regional Municipality Film Office, adjusted to the Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation. And in addition Titanic, Dolores Claiborne and Two If By Sea, When Page hit her high schoolers The Shipping News, The Scarlet Letter and The Weight Of Water had all as of late been shot in the region. An acting vocation here was a genuine plausibility.

As an aside, until the first testing of the nuclear bomb, Halifax could make a case for the greatest ever man-made blast. On December 6th, 1917, the French weapons ship Mont Blanc slammed into the Norwegian alleviation send the Imo in Halifax Harbor. The Mont Blanc was conveying 2300 tons of wet and dry picric corrosive utilized as a part of big guns shells, 200 tons of TNT, ten tons of firearm cotton, and the decks were stacked with drums of a howdy octane fuel called Bezol. The subsequent explosion saw the north end of the city pulverized, 2000 dead, 9000 harmed, several thousands made destitute. Trash handled five kilmoetres away. Some may say that Ellen Page’s effect on the film world has been also unstable, however they would be senseless, to be sure.

After her Pit Pony experience, Page would focus on her instruction at Halifax Grammar, where she’d proceed through Grade 9. She would then proceed onward to Queen Elizabeth High School on Robie Street, a very much prepared exhaustive once went to by the million-offering artist Sarah McLachlan. Officially solid minded and autonomous, however, Page would choose to change to the Shambhala School on Russell Street. Shambhala is a type of Tibetan Buddhism acquired to America 1970. In 1986, its pioneer, Trungpa Rinpoche moved its HQ to Halifax and numerous supporters tailed him there, making Halifax one of the greatest focuses of Western Buddhism. The Shambhala School had been set up in 1993, taking into account the proclamation “There is a characteristic wellspring of brilliance and brightness on the planet, which is the inalienable attentiveness of people”. With just 130 understudies and no more eighteen to a class, no children were lost in the framework. The day would start with reflection and yoga and accentuation was set on scholastics as well as physical training, game and combative technique. Workmanship would be viewed as a piece of ordinary life, visuals, music and dramatization advanced. The “internal identity” would be perceived, self-assurance supported. Page would in the long run move on from the Shambhala School in 2005.

By the age of 14, Page was investing quite a bit of her free energy recording, some of the time joined by her guardians, now and again by chaperones (at 15 she’d restrict every one of them from her sets, guaranteeing they made her uncomfortable). Prior she’d performed a few trials of John Dunsworth’s Filmworks Casting and had been forcefully noteworthy. “She was similar to a recolored glass window,” Dunsworth would say. “You take a gander at a recolored glass window from the outside and you can’t tell how magnificent it is. Yet when you put a cam on her its similar to going inside the congregation and watching out and seeing the daylight stream in . . . Right from the begin she had this enchantment quality”. Dunsworth’s impression would be demonstrated right. Page’s specialists would be occupied with acquainting her with a more extensive business. As of now an American sitcom had been turned down; Ellen’s guardians felt she was so youthful there was no option make the move to Los Angeles and easy street. For the time being she would stick to Canadian creations that would not meddle with her educating.

2002 would consequently see a string of Page discharges. These would start in January with the pilot scene of Rideau Hall where Bette MacDonald would play an one-hit disco diva made Governor General of Canada with the expectation that a humiliated country would request a last part from the

Ellen Page Profile

Date of Birth 21 February 1987, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Birth Name Ellen Philpotts-Page
Nicknames The Tiny Canadian

Ellen Page Body size/Measurements

Height in Meters: 1.55m

Height in Centimeters: 155cm

Height in Feet: 5 Feet 1 Inches

Weight in Kilograms:  48kg

Weight in Pounds: 106lbs

Body Measurement and Size: 30-23-30

Bra Size: 30A

Eye Color: Light Brown

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