Muhammad Shehryar/Shary Bhutta Biography Hot Pics

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  • My NaMe Is Shehryar ķhąn BhuTTą HeRe,n i LiVe
    In Multan:)
    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>WeLL My FriEndS SaY thAt i gOt a
    KoOl pErsOnAliTy but tHe trUth is thAt i mys3lf
    doNt unDerStanD what kindaA perSoNaliTy i gOt !!

    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>i doNt taKe maTTeRs toO seRiOuSly
    or maKe iT a poiNt of teNs|on for mySelF! i liKe
    to kEep tHinGs koOl aNd to deAl wiD maTTeRs
    with a koOl miNd !!
    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>i alWaYs kEep mY frieNds whO arE
    with me in A gOod moOd ie i alWaYz trY to maKe
    th3m lAuGh aNd maKe th3m haPPy !!
    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>we|| i haVeNt unDerStood thiS
    alSo. As we|| as i aM veRy fuNNy and com3dy,
    buT theRe is A siDe of m3 wHicH iS veRy harSh
    anD anGry! aNd wheN i gEt angRy, i doNt sEe
    whozE iN froNt of m3 or he/she is elDer thAn me
    or nOt! i jUst sAy OR do whAt i waNt to dO! bUt i
    g3t anGry veRy leSs Aur phaDay BaHuT ziyyada
    keRtaA HooN 😉
    ” Whèñ Ï wã$ ¥øüñg Í P£åÿêð WïÐ güñZ Ñ()t WID
    à Kiðð¥ Toÿ çðZ Îåm à rüff rúgg€ð Gåñgztã ÑÕT Ã
    prètt¥ ßoy ”
    ” *R¡$k ì$ mÿ ßÚï$Ñ˧§ ,ÐÅñGÉr îs m¥
    GåmÊ ,ÐoÑt P|åy wítH MË ÇøZ *¤ßÅÐ-ßØ¥¤* i$
    M¥ ÑamÉ ”
    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>i liKe to dO stuFF whiCh i liKe doiNg
    at thAt time. aNd no on3 oth3r cAn forCe me into
    do|ng somEtHinG thAt i doNt waNt 2 d0 aT thAt
    time MaGaR HaMeShA WoH| KaAm keRnA PartAa
    Ha| Jo KeRnA NaH| ChAhtAa!!
    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>wh3n som3on3 aDDs me f0r
    friEndshiP i donT rud3ly reP|y and say nO! fiRsT i
    ta|k to thEm aNd th3n tRy to f|nd oUt thAt
    weHther th3y cAn be mY frieNds or noT! COz
    moSt of mY frieNdsS arE veRy speCial 😉
    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>i Am haRsh aNd ruDe bUt the
    peoPle who R my friEnds knoW that i caNNot see
    anyOne in soRRow or cryinG and i do what it
    tak3sS to maKe them haPPy or face thEir
    probl3m! i liKe 2 hE|P oUt mA friEnDs !!
    ” when you cried i’d wipe away all of your tears
    when you’d scream i’d fight away all of your
    fears ”
    >>-(¯`v´¯)->>And The MoSt ImpoRTanT ThiNg I
    ForGoT To meNsioN ThAt | lik3 2 enJoy liFe 2 dA
    fu||eSt! CoZ i donT knoW whethEr im goNNa liVe
    tomoRRow or nOt !!
    ” I live every day of my life in such a way that
    there is no tommorow ”
    ————–LiFe In mY WoRdS—————
    health is the first of life
    whelth is the next of life
    character’s courage is the best of life
    respect is must in life
    turning is the test of life
    God’s blessing is the crest of life
    love is crucial for life
    Happiness is the perfume of life
    Truth is search of life
    Death is the rest of life
    ————–LoVe In My WoRdS————–
    Love is something you can’t just find
    at the corner store,
    Love is the feelings you feel when you feel
    the feeling you aint ever felt before.
    Love is like flying, it’s an exhilerating feeling
    that nothing can tell,
    but when you crash
    it hurts like hell.
    You Are My Friend And I Hope
    You Know That’s True.
    No Matter What Happens
    I Will Stand Right By You.
    In Times Of Grief
    I Will Give You Belief.
    I’ll Be There For You
    Whenever You Are In Need.
    To Lend You A Hand
    To Do A Good Deed.
    So Just Call On Me When
    You Need Me, My Friend!
    I Will Always Be There For You
    Right To The End!
    !!! @@ YOUR BEST FRIEND @@ !!!
    ————–MoDiFieD 2 LoOk GOoD————-

  • “Y ou
    know what. Life
    is too short, don’t complain, don’t hate,
    and don’t argue. Just breathe. No one is
    stifling you except yourself, and if you
    think otherwise: Who do you think
    controls your actions, your thoughts, and
    your patterns? You do! Stop being the
    victim and start being the solution.”

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