Irrfan Khan give help to jasleen in ‘Shivaay’ song


Tom Hanks, who’s featuring in the film adjustment of Dan Brown’s Inferno, has just decent things to say in regards to co-star Irrfan Khan. In any case, there is another person likewise who is a major admirer of the on-screen character and that is artist Jasleen Royal, who allegedly sacked the tune “Raatein” from the film “Shivaay” on account of Irrfan.

It was accounted for that Irrfan, who cherishes music, had welcomed the youthful vocalist to his home for a musical night. At the point when Jasleen murmured her melody ‘Panchi Hojavan’, which is one of Irrfan’s top choices, he sang the tune alongside her.

Later at the occasion, the performer acquainted her with his visitors, which included Anjali Bhushan Nugyal, the imaginative maker of ‘Shivaay’. Would it be able to be just be an occurrence that Jasleen was offered to sing a tune for the motion picture before long? Indeed, perhaps or possibly, she has Irrfan to thank for the melody.