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Harbhajan Maan Biography

Harbhajan Mann, The current Punjabi pop sensation, is one who has seen a brilliant ascent on the Indipop outlines. What’s more, that too with one major, mega, monstrous, huge, mammoth hit called Oye Hoye. The resonant track is on every body’s lips opposite Nagaland to Gujrat, Lakshadweep to Leh. Harbhajan is conceived under the goat sign on 30th December in a little town called Khemuana in Punjab (India). What’s more, with one mega broadly discharged collection, he has effectively made a specialty in the universal music business sector. It is his flexible singing and comprehension of Punjabi Music which gives him an edge in this quite jumbled Punjabi pop situation.

Harbhajan’s “no” to any sort or roughness in his music features and decision of significant verses brings out genuine Indian convention and society. Harbhajan began singing in 1977-78,[not including the restroom singing days here!] however as a novice , he use to perform in nearby shows for the Asian group while he was in his school in Canada. What’s more, incidentally, he arrived at ‘Apna Canada’ when his sister got hitched and supported his excursion there. He did his educating there too. Be that as it may, then he thought to take singing professionally and he began to learn music under his first master Karnail Singh, then under Sheik Hamed and Balbir Singh Bandhu. His first expert break came to him in 1992 while he was still in Canada with the arrival of Chithiye Nee Chithiye.The track which was a super hit with the intended interest groups in Punjab and the Punjab of the West-South lobby.

At that point he understood that the degree for Punjabi vernacular music in Canada was constrained, as the groups of onlookers were a modest bunch of non inhabitant gatherings of people. Needing to saddle his capability to the most extreme he moved to back to his homeland India and his roots in Punjab. Just to make musical history with the arrangement gracious hits like Jag Jeodeyan De Mele Harbhajan likes to sing in his local dialect as opposed to experimenting with his hands at western affected music. Since he says individuals abroad miss their dialect, their own particular culture, their kin and their property. So he wants to address them with Punjabi and numbers like Chithiye Ne. Chithiye or the track Assi Kar Chette, Ek Pal Vi Na Sotte, from the most recent hit OYE HOYE which was trailed by Lala. Harbhajan accepts that melodies with great music & important verses will dependably get the privilege chord.Harbhajan is the first contemporary artiste to ever move again from an effective wander abroad to India and to contend in a business sector which is as of now blasting at its creases.

furthermore, promote more to succeed. The constructive quality about this spruce Punjabi is that his verses and tunes manage genuine individuals and genuine feelings as he murmurs to an assortment of a cross segment. What’s more, its about time Harbhajan appreciated the kiss of notoriety, he merits rightly so. He kept up an unfaltering position on the Numero Uno opening of India’s most legitimate pop commencement of Indipop 10. Furthermore, in the event that you’d like to peruse a survey examination of Oye Hoye, you can achieve it from here. So you’d like to chime in to Harbhajans music and warble his song. In any case, you dont know how to as the punjabi is in-your-face and virtuous. Experience the verses of his super hit Oye Hoye and Nachdi Jawaani here. Attempt your hand at a karaoke relax also, for who knows some place down the line you should be highlighted in there sacrosanct entrances. Oye Hoye!! Aside from the conspicuous hits Oye Hoye,Nachdi Jawaani, Cham, Lorian you might likewise listen to the Heer Ranjha or the wonderful Mirza. . He has effectively given massively fruitful execution in Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Norway.

Harbhajan is a genuine Punjabi artist who sings about genuine individuals, genuine feelings and circumstances who had officially caught the million hearts with his resonant voice. Harbhajan’s melodies speak to an extensive variety of gathering of people who acknowledge significant verses joined with an all around organized, novel, sound recording. He crosses the limits of eras with vocal clarity, joined with solid sweet music. This mix shows Harbhajan to enliven and convey society to the masses. It is his flexible singing and comprehension of Punjabi Music which gives him an edge in this grouped Punjabi pop situation. Harbhajan’s “no” to any sort or savagery in his music features and decision of important verses draws out our actual conventions and society. Harbhajan expresses gratitude toward T-Series, kindred partners and you the fans, for the mind-boggling reaction to Oye-Hoye. …….to every one of you only three words to say it all, much obliged! His first execution was in Punjab in the year 1992 with the arrival of his introduction collection Chithiye Ni Chithiyee, which was a fierceness all through Harbhajan’s past collections are:

1992 Chithiye Ne Chithiyee

1994 Jag Jeondeyan De Mele

1995 Panth Tere Diyan Goonjan

1996 Vadhaiyan Jee Vadhaiyan

1997 Raj Karega Khalsa

1998 Amrit Da Bata

1999 Oye Hoye

2000 Lala

2001 Nachlai

2001 Haaye Meri Billo

2003 Satrangi Peengh

2005 Dil Dol Gaya

2007 Mauj Mastiyan

2008 Nazran Miliyan

The singing sensation Harbhajan Mann, who had a hit a year ago with Oye Hoye is all situated to hit the dead center with Lala. This too is in the custom of pleasant and lively Punjabi music for which Mann is renowned. The track of his new collection has the pace to make one shake a leg. The verses are ideal for murmuring with an eye-getting feature. The music feature includes three models who include touch of allure. It is contrastingly imagined with a remarkable set-up and area wtih a story line to make it retaining. The idea is extremely present – about web! The most recent collection has a novel mix of customary Punjabi and present day music with important verses.

It is an accumulation of eight tracks reflecting different states of mind like sentimental, pitiful, cadenced, folkish wtih tunes like Chham, Akhiyaan da Sawan, Sohniye Nee, Hal Oye Rabba and Haye Mar Gaye. Mann is not new to acclaim. He concedes honestly “it’s my own particular elite style of singing that gives me tremendous fulfillment and conveys joy to my fans. I don’t care to contrast myself as well as other people.” He abandoned an agreeable life in Canada to come to India tocontinue his energy for singing. It was in 1994 that he came back to Punjab with, the trust that his singing will click in his own particular nation. Despite the fact that he didn’t have much establishing in gharana preparing, he learnt under Karnail Singh Ji Paras of Bhatinda in 1978. For a long time he took preparing from Balbir Singh Bhangu and Hamid Ji in Canada. Harbhajan began with Chithye ni Chithiye, he got acknowledgment with his runaway hit Oye. Well known cinematographer Manmohan Singh has served to advance Mann. He says he is enthusiastic about doing film parts or sing for motion pictures. He is additionally attempting to advance his more youthful sibling Gurusewak Mann.

Harbhajan Maan Profile

Date Of Birth: Friday, December 31, 1965
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Full Name: Harbhajan Mann
Father: S. Harnek Singh
Mother: Smt. Dalip Kaur

Harbhajan Maan Body size/Measurements

Harbhajan Singh Height in feet ;  5′ 11.65” (182.00 cm)

Harbhajan Singh Date of Birth ;  30 April 1987 (age 26)

Harbhajan Singh Weight in kg ;  69 kg

Harbhajan Singh Weight in 2014 ;  72Kg

Harbhajan Singh Eye Color  ; Brown – Dark

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