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Divya Bharati Biography

Divya Bharti (February 25, 1974 – April 5, 1993) was an Indian performing artist. She began her vocation in 1990 with Telugu movies making her presentation in Bobbili Raja. After a few different hits in the South she entered Hindi movies with “Vishwatma” in 1992. She showed up in more than 14 Hindi movies that year which was viewed as a record at the time for a newcomer. Her profession was disastrously given the ax by her demise in April 1993 at 19 years old

Early life and background :

Divya was conceived in Mumbai, a girl of Omprakash Bharti, a protection officer, and Meeta Bharti, a housewife. Divya Bharti had a more youthful sibling Kunal. Divya’s mom was a second wife of Omprakash Bharti.

Divya Studied at Maneckji Cooper High School in Juhu, Mumbai. There, Divya finished evaluation ninth. She went to Meneckji cooper secondary school, in same period as Today’s famous on-screen characters Farhan Akhtar and Rani Mukherji went to. Divya was a normal in studies and she was not enthused about acting amid her school years. In any case, She used to tune in design shows amid the Ganapati celebration and she won numerous honors for this, while still in school.

Divya was bad in studies, but rather she exceeded expectations at additional curricular exercises. Divya and her sibling were great swimmers. They were champion swimmers for the Mumbai’s club called Khar Gymkhana. Divya was likewise a specialist driver. She figured out how to drive at age of fourteen.

Career :

Divya was in the ninth grade when she started to get film offers. Her face looked like to those days genius Sridevi got saw by numerous executives and makers. At first her guardians were reluctant, in light of the fact that even Divya wasn’t intrigued. Till Nandu Tolani offered her Gunahon Ka Devta. At last, Divya was consent to enter in showbiz, when her mom advised her that she would need to surrender her studies, she got so energized. Divya was 14 and-a-half then, In late 1988.

Then, the Bharti learned by means of a companion that Dalip Shankar needed another young lady inverse Aamir Khan in Aatank Hi Aatank and Rudra Avtaar. By her guardians authorization, Divya marked both movies. Amid those time,Kirti Kumar, Govinda’s sibling saw the enchanting Divya at feature library. He tailed her to her home and after that he rang the chief Nandu Tolani, who dwells in the following building and got some information about Divya.

Radha Ka Sangam Episode :

Next thing the Bhartis knew was that Kirti Kumar was willing to sign Divya for Radha Ka Sangam inverse Govinda. Kirti went by and by to meet Dalip Shankar and figured out how to discharge her from their agreement. Kirti cited in March 1989 Showtime Magazine “I told Dalip that he could take any young lady, yet i’d never have the capacity to discover another Radha. Kirti Changed her name from Divya to Radha. Maker Kirti dispatched her with much ballyhoo. He gave meets on how he had discovered his ideal Radha in the wake of scouring the entire of India for her. And afterward before the first shot was taken, Divya “Radha” Bharti was out of the film in the wake of prepping for a long time and supplanted by Juhi Chawla. The reasons every side gave for the drop out were diverse. Different Magazines composed diverse things behind dropped out. Some said “Kirti turned out to be over-possessive about her”, other said “Lawrence D’souza, who was to coordinate the film, left the task. At that point Kirti chose to assume control over the film. Being new to course, he needed to drop Divya in light of the fact that he felt he couldn’t deal with a newcomer”, other magazine composed “Divya caught with Govinda and Kirti couldn’t endured that. Other kept in touch with “It was Divya’s youthfulness, which made her Dropped out of film.

Re-struggle :

What’s more, that was the green sign for other movie producers to enter the conflict. She was screen-tried by huge names Boney Kapoor, Mahesh Bhatt, Shabnam Kapoor, Shekhar Kapoor and Subhash Ghai. They all raved about her however nobody marked her, talk it was her adolescent notoriety had gone before her. In magazines, she had earned a name for being wild and insane. Indeed, for his enormous spending plan film Prem, Boney Kapoor marked Divya. After eight days, Divya was out and Tabu was re-marked. Later Subhash Ghai excessively called her for Saudagar inverse Aamir Khan and after 20 days she was out and he marked Manisha Koirala and Vivek Mushram. By then, the dismissal had influenced fifteen years of age Divya. Since she was at that point out of school, they would not acknowledge her back. As result, she was compelled to sit unmoving. Luckily, One of the greatest maker of Telugu silver screen, D. Ramanaidu arrived up at Divya’s doorstep. He offered Divya , Bobbili Raja, a telugu film inverse Daggubati Venkatesh. Instantly, Divya got a Tamil Film and Rajiv Rai drew nearer her for Vishwatma.

Rise to Stardom in Telugu Cinema :

After dropped out of such a variety of Big Projects, Divya got discouraged and left Mumbai. On the night of her arrival, the maker of Bobbili Raja sent his men over. They needed Divya to fly down that night. As Divya cited in the Nov 1991 “Motion picture” magazine, “I would not like to go. I said no however Mummy said yes. Envision, the film turned into a superhit and i turned into a hotshot”. The film paid off. Bobbili Raja discharged in the mid year of 1990 and turned into an enormous hit. She had caught the south by tempest, she was a goddess there. Indeed, even a sanctuary had been inherent her name. With more hits, She was turned into a major name in Telugu Cinema. In film industry rating, she was figured next just to the dauntless Vijayshanti. Her cost by, had touched walloping 25 Lakhs for each film and 1 lakh for every one day additional (If shooting put off south makers was paying 15 lakhs for 15 days) , which was a major sum in 1991. In Bollywood, Only Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi was getting those sort of cost. Actually, in 1991 Divya offered consecutive hits including Rowdy Alludu, Dharma Kshetram and Assembly Rowdy inverse hotshots of telugu silver screen including Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna and Mohan Babu. In north india, she known as the Sridevi of Telugu movies. In any case, that was not what Divya was searching for. She needed to become famous in Mumbai. Also, she was back with new determination. In the interim, She didn’t had any desire to frustrate her Telugu gathering of people and she was chopped down to do one motion picture for each year.

Rise to Stardom in Bollywood :

At the point when Divya heard that Rajiv Rai was watchful for another face for his film Vishwatma inverse Sunny Deol, she daringly strolled into Rajiv Rai’s office with her portfolio. Also, that day marked the film. Rajiv was making the continuation of his Blockbuster film Tridev. The film was created by Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd. is one of the greatest and most established film creation. Their movies made numerous genius included Hema Malini in Johny Mera Naam and Amitabh Bachan in Deewar. Vishwatma was propelled in the late spring of 1991 with stupendous mahurat. Film on-screen character Dharamendra gave the mahurat shot. Before long Divya was left for long outside shooting in Nairobi. When Divya returned, film offers began pouring up in Divya’s lap. Without single discharged Divya marked 14 movies.

2 January, 1992 was a major day for Divya. She had numerous explanation behind needing the film to be a win. In any case, vishwatma did well be that as it may, the achievement didn’t verge on Tridev and the film pronounced failure. film debut went to by numerous film identities included Amitabh Bachan, Yash Chopra, Jackie Shroff, Juhi Chawla, Raveena Tandon, Manisha Koirala, Chunky Pandey and some more. In spite of the fact that, Saat Samunder Paar tune, which was picturized on Divya was turned into a Hit Song and even today gathering of people recalled Divya in that melody.

After seven days, Divya’s musical bonanzas Dil Ka Kya Kasoor discharged. it expected to build up her as mainstream courageous woman however, just opened to discharge theaters. Nobody anticipated that film would shelled so gravely. Everybody had numerous purpose behind the film to be a win. Since, the chief Lawrence D’souza and music executive Nadeem-Shravan gave couple of months back crushing hit Saajan, which mounted Sanjay Dutt vocation. Despite the fact that, the film neglected to awe a group of people, Filmfare magazines presented Divya by incorporated her in the rundown of 1992 main ten best on-screen character exhibitions. Shockingly, Even, when each Friday newcomers was acquainting with showbiz (More than 50 young ladies made their presentation in 1991-92), Divya caved in introduction made a magazine feature, when numerous performer included Madhoo in Phool aur Kaante and Chandni in Sanam Bewafa super hit movies didn’t made them star, Divya’s lemon made her star. Divya shielded herself by cited, ” I needed to substantiate myself. Be that as it may, I’ve fallen level all over. Presently, I need to started my ascension once more. Yet, I’m certain that one day achievement will be mine”, (Stardust, March 1992).

Furthermore, Thus Divya too was erased from the positions of the promising newcomers for some time. At that point Pehlaj Nihlani’s Shola Aur Shabnam tagged along. Nobody even gave it a however. Until it turned into a super hit; and Divya was riding high once more. Not, it just introduces Divya in an honorable character, additionally gave huge help to Govinda’s vocation and dispatched David Dhawan as build up chief.

After four months, Raj Kanwar’s adoration story Deewana came, the greatest hit of 1992, where she stood her ground against veteran Rishi Kapoor and the new sensation Shahrukh Khan. With the super achievement of Deewana, Divya disposed of promising newcomer and entered in the a-rundown stars. Her execution in the Deewana was exceedingly refreshing. Around that time, Divya’s different movies Balwaan and Jaan Se Pyaara discharged and did well at film industry. Before the end of year, Hema Malini’s Dil Aashna Hai discharged, in which Divya played a bar artist, who was searching for her mom. Film was a film industry disappointment. In spite of that, her execution in the film was tremendously refreshing by pundits.

Abruptly, with huge hits added to her repertoire, Divya was turned into the most sweltering property in showbiz. Furthermore, numerous foresee that she was ready to hit the most obvious opening not far. Indeed, In September, 1992 “Motion picture” magazine putted her at the third position performing artist by the bases of value, fame and poistion. She was directly after Madhuri Dixit and S

Divya Bharati Profile

Name ; Divya Bharati

Date of birth:  25  February 1974

Age: 39 Year

Religion ; Hindu

Birth Place ; Bombay, India

Mother Tongue ; Hindi

Divya Bharati Bra size/Measurements

Weight: 52 kg

Height: 5’4” or 5’7”

Horoscope: Pisces

Shoe Size: 7

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Green

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