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Nida Yasir Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Nida Yasir Biography Recently Pakistani far-famed host and thespian Nida Yasir has blessed a baby. currently she has 2 sons and one girl. Their names area unit Farid, Balaj and Silah. Nida is as well as in some most well liked feminine hosts of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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Noor Bukhari Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

  Noor Bukhari Biography Noor could be a Pakistani actor and model. She has principally appeared in Urdu and Punjabi Lollywood films and several other tv commercials.Noor was born in Lahore, Pakistan. She includes a younger sister, Faaria Bukhari, World Health Organization accustomed be a child-star in Pakistani movies

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Resham Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

  Resham may be a Pakistani film, tv and theater actor based mostly in urban center. She debuted with Syed Noor’s film, Jeeva in 1995 and later went on to star in a very string of business hits within the late Nineteen Nineties. She was noted for her performance because the coming model in Samina Peerzada’s Inteha. She won a …

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Rubya Chaudhry Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Rubya Chaudhry Biography Pakistani model Rubya Chaudhry life. Rubya Chaudhry is one in all the leading and one in all the far-famed fashion models in Islamic Republic of Pakistan UN agency have gained most success in precisely minimum continuance. Her long height and daring appearance has helped her plenty in gaining the celebrity and name.

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Saba Qamar Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Saba Qamar Biography Pakistani thespian island qamar Item song Mastani For forthcoming Pakistani show 8969, once the mehwesh hayaat ,Saba qamar conjointly perform associate item song for brand new Pakistani film, growing Pakistani industry specialize in item song that is become the necessity for film promotion like indian show

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Sadia Khan Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Sadia Khan began her career back within the year 2007 with Moody Georgia home boy. Sadia Khan is particularly standard for her impressive figure, tall height of five feet and 7 inches, dark black eyes and ebony hairs beside truthful complexion. feminine model Sadia Khan was keen in arts from terribly early age.

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Sana Nawaz Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Sana Nawaz Biography Sana Nawaz, typically attributable as Sana (Urdu: ????; born twenty six April 1972) may be a Pakistani film role player and model. She has achieved specific success since the late Nineties. She was introduced to the Lollywood screenland by director Syed Noor in his film Sangam in 1997.

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Sanam Baloch Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Sanam Baloch Biography Sanam Baloch is that the rising star among the actors of the recent generation. in a very short span of your time, she has created an explicit place for herself giving one hit performance once the opposite. She contains a terribly innocent face however sturdy acting skills and she or he comes around as a complete natural …

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Sanam Saeed Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Sanam Saeed Biography Pakistani actor Sanam Saeed has been broken the hearts of each Pakistani children and obtaining engaged last weekend in Karachi. The engagement ceremony celebrated as secret family operate, and also the actor still not create any statement through tv media or social networks regarding her engagement ceremony.

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Sara Loren Profile |Hot Picture| Bio| Bra size |Measurements

Sara Loren Biography Sara actress was born as Mona Lizza on the eleventh of December, 1985 into a Pakistani background within the tiny geographic area country of Kuwait. within the year 2001, once Mona’s father died, the family shifted to Asian nation and it had been there

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